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Installation, maintenance and repairs to Sunpipes from AC Roofing

Sun Pipes

We here at AC Roofing always like to provide our customers with new and innovative products and our Sunpipes are a prime example of this.

The Sunpipe is a revolutionary new way of piping natural daylight from your rooftop into the areas of your home that daylight from windows cannot reach. Sunpipes can also be used in offices, factories and other commercial properties, as well as mass residential properties like blocks of flats and apartment buildings.

This ingenious product can provide safety and security for residents fearful of walking through unlit walkways and stairwells by allowing daylight through and removing shadows and dark corners. Another advantage of installing sunpipes over glass windows would be energy efficiency. The lack of solar gain and heat loss could make sunpipes the preferred option.

With no structural alterations required, the Sunpipe is a fantastic and simple way of brightening areas previously thought unreachable and it is guaranteed for 10 years against faulty manufacture.


It does not even provide any cleaning problems as the top of the Sunpipe cleans itself due to its shape. As well as that, it is also leak free and no maintenance is required whatsoever.

If you would like any more information about the Sunpipe or how it can help your home or business, please do not hesitate to contact us.