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Roof ventilation installation services from AC Roofing


Linked in with our insulation services are our ventilation options and they can be incorporated into a number of different accessories and products to improve the quality and appearance of your home or business.

As mentioned in our insulation section, ventilation to a ‘cold roof’ is an essential part of the design and is vital to prevent condensation forming on the underside of the felt or rafters.

Essentially, air should only be allowed to enter the loft at the lowest point on one side before exiting on the opposite side. This will ensure that moisture is absorbed before being sent back outside.

While ventilation to a cold roof is important, our systems can be incorporated in many different ways for outside accessories. For instance, eaves, fascia vents and soffit vents can all be adapted to feature ventilation shafts to allow breathing and prevent condensation.

Roof Ventilation System

Ventilating felt can also be used to help air-flow through the roof space and in some cases can provide enough air flow that additional provision at ridges and eaves is not needed.

If you would like any more information about our ventilation services and how they can suit your home or business requirements, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team.